The Team

Nele Blaton – Owner and Manager

Born and raised in Belgium, Nele moved to Canada at the age of 23, where she spent 21 years before moving to Brazil in 2009.

Nele graduated with a Masters in Physical Education, Sports and Movement Science. Movement has been the backbone of her life and her motto is “move and be free”. Since childhood she has been passionately involved in sports, dance and wellness.

Nele also loves to move around, she has travelled extensively and has explored over 40 countries. Speaking 7 languages she has no problem communicating with people from all over the world. Interaction with different cultures has enriched her entire being and opened up many horizons.

Since a teenager Nele has been fascinated by Brazilian music, especially Bossa Nova and Samba. Through music she started learning the language. Nele learned Samba from a Brazilian in Vancouver and performed in numerous shows and parades. In 2008 Nele paraded in the famous Rio Carnaval and truly experienced the vibe from ´o pais tropical´.

Nele’s dream has been to live in a warm country in a beautiful environment set in nature, waking up to the sounds of the waves and watching the sun rise over the ocean from her deck while enjoying her breakfast.

She didn’t find that idilic place in Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, …. and finally realized it would be Brazil. In 2009 she travelled for 4 months along the coastline between Rio and Natal and she found the Peninsula Maraú and Itacaré – set in the lush atlantic forest with its million shades of green – the most beautiful location.

6 months later Nele moved permanently to Itacare…… and one beautiful afternoon the opportunity to buy Pousada Makaia – now Tãnara – knocked on the door.

Her lives in Belgium and Canada have been very fruitful and have ultimately been the springboard to the life she’s now living in Brazil. Nele finally achieved what she had been dreaming of for 20 years.

Nele thanks her wonderful team – Manu, Dydy, Dilene, Clara and Cataarina – 5 charming, lovely, powerful women!


Emanuela Riga – Sales Manager and Reservations

Born and raised in Rome, Italy, Emanuela “Manu” since a young age always wanted to travel and get to meet new people and different cultures. It was this curiousity that influenced her to study languages and in 2010 she graduated at the Faculty of Languages and Computing Sciences, speaking fluently English, Spanish and French.
Her first time away from Italy was in 2008, a trip to Spain with her friends, which convinced her even more that one day she would be living and working abroad.
And life is full of surprises….encouraged by her sister, Manu joined a gym, where she met the man who changed her life forever, her gym instructor, a true Bahian, who between a samba step and a forró step conquered her heart. And when he decided to return to his native land, Emanuela after having worked in two hotels in Rome decided to get to know Brazil and the place her boyfriend lived – Itacaré. She fell in love with the small town and went back and forth 4 times, during which time she studied portuguese on her own, and in 2013 she made the permanent move.

Her first job was at Pousada Tãnara where she stayed for a short while from where she moved on to working for a group of hotels and in less than a year she climbed up to Comercial Manager. She travelled within Brazil representing not only the group of Hotels but also Itacaré. This was a work experience that marked her life and got her even more interested in the tourist/hospitality sector, especially sales.
After working for the group for 3 years she decided to change again and during a conversation with Nele she accepted the offer to be part again of the team at Pousada Tãnara.


Ednei – “Dydy” – de Santos Oliveira – Breakfast and Room Services

Dydy born in Ubaitaba and also having lived in Salvador, Itabuna, Ilheus and Aurelino Leal, moved to in Itacaré since 1998, which she just came to visit for 4 days, fell in love with the place and decided to stay.

She has 2 wonderful children Kessia and Jefte, whom she raised by herself, since she split up with the father of her children shortly after they were born.

Dydy is Pousada Tãnara´s first employee, since 2010, and still here to this date.
She takes great care of the guests putting a smile on their faces with her delicious breakfast prepared with love.

In her spare times she enjoys reading, rowing on the river and meditating watching the ocean and nature.


Dilene campelo Espirito Santo – Breakfast and Room Services

Born and raised on a small island “Ilha Grande” in the bay of Camamu, Bahia, Dilene met her husband Luiz, fisherman, one beautiful day…. it was love at first sight, they lived together in various cities and in each of them a child was born, totalling 5.

They moved to Itacaré in 2007 where Dilene started to work in pousadas and, on the indication of Dydy, was asked to work at Pousada Tãnara, which she gladly accepted.

Dilene loves to chat and laugh. She always comes to work happy and her lovely giggles fill up the pousada with a charming and welcoming atmosphere.