Destination & Itacaré

How to get to our little paradise

Itacare can be reached by car, bus or plane.

  • For your convenience our pousada organizes taxi transfers from and to Ilheus airport, for R$ 350 return trip ( two people)
  • By air: The closest airport Ilheus (IOS) receives daily flights from Sao Paulo, Rio, Belo Horizonte, Salvador and more cities with GOL, Azul, Avianca and TAM airlines. TAP airlines (from Lisbon), TAM (from Madrid) and Condor (from Frankfurt) will get you straight from Europe to Salvador. From Canada and USA there are no direct flights, you will need to fly to Sao Paulo or Rio first and then to Ilheus.
  • By bus: Daily buses from Ilhéus (Rota Company tel: +55 73 3251-2181), about every hour between 7am and 7:40pm. The trip takes about 2 hours since it stops at numerous locations.
    From Salvador you first take a local bus or taxi to the ferryboat that goes to Bom Despacho on Ilha Itaparica and from there you can take a direct bus to Itacaré (about every 2 hours between 5am and 4pm) with company Cidade de Sol and Aguia Branca. Total trip about 5,5 hours.
    Bom despacho – Itacaré: 5, 8, 11, 12, 14, 16 hr (please double-check since times may chance)
    Itacaré – Bom despacho: 5.30, 6:20, 8.50, 10.50, 11, 14, 16:30 hr    and with Aguia Branca 9:25 and 15:30
  • By car:
    From Salvador: the shortest route is by ferryboat , about 250km. Take the ferryboat to Bom Despacho on Ilha Itaparica and from there take the BA 001 down to Itacare (via Valencia and Camamu).
    From the south follow the BR 101 to Itabuna, take a right to Ilheus and continue on the BA 001 to Itacare.


Itacare is located in southern Bahia, on the Cocoa Coast, 250km south of Savador and 70km north of Ilheus (closest airport). The Contas River that runs 620 km from the Chapada Diamantina to Itacare separates the town from the Peninsula Maraú to the north.

Itacare sits in the Atlantic Rain-forest – recognized by UNESCO as one of the five biodiversity hot-spots on the planet – with its  huge number of endemic fauna and flora species, an abundance of waterfalls and trails. The coast (Atlantic Ocean) of Itacare is a succession of beaches, hills and rocks. The beaches are all gorgeous and unique and because of the tropical weather the water is warm all year around. An ideal spot for surfers and surf culture is present everywhere.

The region is a perfect setting for adventure sports, i.e. rafting, rapelling, kayaking, cycling, hiking, trekking, paragliding, tree-circuit & zipline. Also a perfect location for whale watching (between July and November).

The town is an international tourist destination and has its fair share of pousadas (B&B), bars and restaurants, to satisfy any type of traveller. The town has all the amenities, i.e. grocery stores, fruit & vegetable stands, bakeries, pharmacies, craft shops, boutiques, etc. Banco do Brasil is the only bank but the town also has 2 ATM machines that accept most cards.

With many people from all over the world who came to live in Itacaré, the atmosphere is cosmopolitan, relaxed, typically Bahian and definitely different from any other place in Brazil.

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